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The Results Are in -- Part 16

The live online gala was attended by 11,829 photography fans around the globe, who logged on to watch the climax of the industry’s most important event for color photography.

OK folks, this one’s big. It’s the International Color Awards, and it’s the leading international award honoring excellence in color photography. Awards were announced during the spring of 2019. In a field of over 7,000 entries from 79 countries, I am honored to have had seven of my photos recognized, from nomination (a limited number of photos selected for further consideration by the distinguished industry judges), to honorable mention, to receiving a third place (aka ‘Honor of Distinction’) in the Americana category.

A press release was even provided…so I’ll let that press release say the rest, following this gallery of considerations and winners.


Aerial Category

Yes, I have a drone, and I love to use it. The first photo below was found while hovering over East Vail, and the second is the Snake River (of Colorado), near Keystone.

Springtime Shadows


Architecture Category

This photo was taken in Venice, Italy. You may have seen it before…and some of you even have it hanging in your homes!

One-Thousand Years in the Making


Abstract Category

A photo captured during a visit to Scott Kelby’s PhotoShop World Conference in 2012. I saw this demolished-building scene (minus the pedestrian) just across from the Washington DC Convention Center conference site. The abstract nature of the photo comes from my insertion of a lone figure taking the stairs…kind of.

Taking the Stairs

Aerial Category

Whilst driving through central Nevada (which I found absolutely fascinating, by the way…more in the next photo’s discussion), it came to me that I had been driving in a very, very straight line for a very, very long time. I pulled to the side of the highway and flew my drone up to get this straight-as-an-arrow view.

Straight as an Arrow

Americana Category

Still in central Nevada, I discovered one of the by-gone icons of Americana — the drive-in theater — abandoned as most are today. I was going for a look of ‘western-Americana-like desolation’ in the photo, and I think I achieved that. This photo is titled, “Matinee”.


To be perfectly honest (is there any other kind of honesty, by the way?) the drive-in theater is located about 140 crow-flown miles from the background scenery…thank you Photoshop. The small photo shows the lay of the actual derelict drive-in theater in Yerington, Nevada.



3rd Place in the Americana Category

Here is my photo that garnered 3rd place overall in the Americana category. I captured this rather ironic photo - titled ‘Drive Thru Window’ - in Van Horn, Texas. And west-Texas-isolated Van Horn is chock-a-block full of scenes like this one. And yes, that is pretty much a drive-through window.

Drive Thru Window

And now, as promised, here is the press release they provided that lays out the specifics of this international contest, including a list of the distinguished judges.


So, there you have it. And, I’m glad to say that at least one of the photos above was taken in Italy! More from Italy coming soon.

Ciao for now,


The Results Are In -- Part 15

I’m really excited to let you know that Black & White Magazine has once again elected to publish some of my photos as award winners. The “Special Issue 2019 Contest Winners” for single images was published in February, 2019. The term ‘single image’ is in contrast to recognition for a ‘portfolio’ of several images (like the New Orleans portfolio I previously showed here).

In this current issue, the editors selected three of my photos for publication. And one was even a photo from Italy!


Laundry Day

The photo from Italy is found on page 80 and is titled ‘Laundry Day, Isola Burano, 2012”.

Laundry Day, Isola Burano, 2012

Burano is a lovely and colorful island in the Venetian lagoon. Almost every house is painted in bright colors, though you could not tell that from the photo above. The wall in the photo is a nice lemon yellow. You can see a color version in my print store here.

I love this simple composition. And, I like that the laundry is from the toddler's room...complete with baby-blue, bunny-rabbit sheets and pullups.  You may have seen this photo before, as the judges for the International Black & White Spider Awards liked this one, too, as they gave it a 2nd Place - Merit of Excellence Award in their 2014 contest.


Sunset Gospel

On page 40 you will find a familiar photo from “The Results Are In — Part 14'“. The photo is titled “Sunset Gospel, Grenville, New Mexico, 2014”. To find out more about this photo, see the aforementioned article.

Sunset Gospel, Grenville, New Mexico, 2014


Rapid Transit

Finally, here is an old favorite that I captured on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Pedicabs are a great way to negotiate the streets of New Orleans, and I had fun ‘slurring’ many photos as they passed by, using a very slow shutter speed as I panned my camera. This one was my favorite. The color version was nominated in the 7th Annual International Pollux Awards back in 2015.

On page 189 you can find, “Rapid Transit, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2012

Rapid Transit, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2012


OK, consider my horn as tooted! Now it’s time that I got back to thinking about, and writing about, good times in Italy. I’ll fill you in on that sort of thing very soon!

Ciao for now,


The Results Are In -- Part 14

Index of Articles

While I was away for a bit, I am pleased to say that recognition of my photography once again came my way. This particular recognition came from the Vermont PhotoPlace Gallery. The gallery is located in the oldest remaining residence in Middlebury, Vermont. It was built in 1799 as a residence for the foreman of the water mill on Otter Creek. I haven’t been there, but it’s said to be a beautiful structure, with sagging, hand-hewn beams of lumber from local virgin forest of yesteryear.

I received word that one of my photos was selected for the juried show of July, 2018 — a show simply titled, “Black & White 2018”. Each year this gallery departs from a specific monthly theme to display black and white photos that they feel merit exhibition.

Here is the photo that was selected for the exhibition. I have titled this photo, “Sunset Gospel” — a play on the fact that the sun has set on this particular old church.

Sunset Gospel

I am always pleased when one of my personal favorite photos is selected for framing and exhibition, and this one is one of my favorites. i was doubly pleased (is that possible?) that my photo was selected for two other honors for the exhibition: it was blown up to 36” x 54” for the large banner advertising the upcoming showing; and it was the featured photo on their website’s banner, shown below.


The story of how the photo came about is typical of my photo journeys through the southwest. I am drawn to the communities that have begun to fade away, or have already done so. There were hopes and dreams involved with each structure I find abandoned. Someone selected a paint color, cooked in a kitchen that they organized, worked in a shop, preached at a pulpit, taught in front of a blackboard, served up a chicken-fried steak that probably covered the plate. So many busted dreams and broken hearts. But I hope along the way there were times of love, snuggling, happiness, warmth, success and fulfillment.

I came upon this structure in Grenville, New Mexico, just before sunset. Grenville is located between Clayton and Raton. Though I have traveled this road often, I had not noticed this small community sitting just off the highway. According to census figures, the population of Grenville in 2000 was 25 souls. Here is a photo of Grenville as it sits today. The red rectangle defines the building depicted in Sunset Gospel.

Here is the main entrance from the highway to the Village of Grenville.

Though not going strong, I’m guessing that Grenville is not at all down and out. A welcome sign, some concrete sidewalk, a picnic table with a tiny bit of afternoon shade, and a community center complete with a piano, are testament to community pride. I’m guessing that those who live here enjoy their community. I’m optimistic that their hopes and dreams are being realized each day while hundreds pass by without even noticing the place they call home — which is probably the way they like it.

Sorry for the departure from things Italian! We’ll get back to Italy next time.

Ciao for now,


The Results Are In - Part 9

I recently filled you in on recognition in the 8th International Color Awards, and I feel compelled to keep you up to date regarding additional recognition.

I am always pleased when a juror or jurors single out my work for recognition. That is not the driving force in my photographic work, but it does give one a boost when it is received!

This recognition concerns the PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont. This gallery is strictly for photography and their themed exhibits change monthly. You last saw two of my exhibited photos in my article The Results Are In! Part 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 (it was part 5, by the way).

Today's article covers three different exhibits -- one past, one current, and one upcoming. Here are the works that have received recognition.


FYI: You can see a slideshow recap of all awards, recognition and accolades by clicking the RECOGNITION link on my webpage.

Theme: Going Places 

Sept 22 - Oct 23, 2015

This photo is titled "Movin' On". It was taken on a wonderful day in The Highlands of Iceland. The vehicle in the photo was one of eight or so that I saw that day on this 160 mile road. And the road? It is exactly as you see it here for its entire length. 

Movin' On

Want to see a bit more of Iceland? See my YouTube video.

Theme: Up Close and Personal 

May 11 - June 13, 2016

Two photos were selected for the current Up Close And Personal exhibit. 

This first photo is one of my favorite flower photos. There are millions of dogwood trees blooming in the southeastern U.S. in the spring, and I enjoy seeing them. Traveling one of the many narrow back roads of Tennessee, I was able to capture this photogenic dogwood branch. As I traveled through the southeast last month, I was again treated all along the way to these spectacular blooms.


Here is a dandelion puff that you may have seen before. It was one of my first recognized photos from when Black & White Magazine had a companion color photo contest in 2012. My wife, Ellen, and I were picnicing in Vail along Gore Creek when I spotted this healthy puff. I used a bit of strategery to pluck just a few of the seeds to reveal the heart of the puff in this photo which I have titled 'Puff Fluff'. 

Puff Fluff

Here is the color version from Black & White Magazine, which received a Silver Award back in 2012. It is just the upper-right quadrant of the same image, above.


Theme: Flight

June 8 - July 1, 2016

Both the photographer Ansel Adams and painter Georgia O'Keefe made the San Francisco de Assisi Church at Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico, famous in the early 1930s. My more modern version is just below. 'Ranchos Morning' was indeed taken in the morning. I believe that the passing bird adds to the drama of this fabulous adobe church, which was completed in 1816.

In her Juror's statement, juror Laura Moya cited this photo in particular as she said, "Details in some of the imagery stick with me...a hawk soars above the famed Ranchos de Taos church...". 

Ranchos Morning

I am always pleased when a juror or jurors single out my work for recognition. That is not the driving force in my photographic work, but it does give one a boost when it is received!

Ciao for now,


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