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The Results Are in -- Part 16

The live online gala was attended by 11,829 photography fans around the globe, who logged on to watch the climax of the industry’s most important event for color photography.

OK folks, this one’s big. It’s the International Color Awards, and it’s the leading international award honoring excellence in color photography. Awards were announced during the spring of 2019. In a field of over 7,000 entries from 79 countries, I am honored to have had seven of my photos recognized, from nomination (a limited number of photos selected for further consideration by the distinguished industry judges), to honorable mention, to receiving a third place (aka ‘Honor of Distinction’) in the Americana category.

A press release was even provided…so I’ll let that press release say the rest, following this gallery of considerations and winners.


Aerial Category

Yes, I have a drone, and I love to use it. The first photo below was found while hovering over East Vail, and the second is the Snake River (of Colorado), near Keystone.

Springtime Shadows


Architecture Category

This photo was taken in Venice, Italy. You may have seen it before…and some of you even have it hanging in your homes!

One-Thousand Years in the Making


Abstract Category

A photo captured during a visit to Scott Kelby’s PhotoShop World Conference in 2012. I saw this demolished-building scene (minus the pedestrian) just across from the Washington DC Convention Center conference site. The abstract nature of the photo comes from my insertion of a lone figure taking the stairs…kind of.

Taking the Stairs

Aerial Category

Whilst driving through central Nevada (which I found absolutely fascinating, by the way…more in the next photo’s discussion), it came to me that I had been driving in a very, very straight line for a very, very long time. I pulled to the side of the highway and flew my drone up to get this straight-as-an-arrow view.

Straight as an Arrow

Americana Category

Still in central Nevada, I discovered one of the by-gone icons of Americana — the drive-in theater — abandoned as most are today. I was going for a look of ‘western-Americana-like desolation’ in the photo, and I think I achieved that. This photo is titled, “Matinee”.


To be perfectly honest (is there any other kind of honesty, by the way?) the drive-in theater is located about 140 crow-flown miles from the background scenery…thank you Photoshop. The small photo shows the lay of the actual derelict drive-in theater in Yerington, Nevada.



3rd Place in the Americana Category

Here is my photo that garnered 3rd place overall in the Americana category. I captured this rather ironic photo - titled ‘Drive Thru Window’ - in Van Horn, Texas. And west-Texas-isolated Van Horn is chock-a-block full of scenes like this one. And yes, that is pretty much a drive-through window.

Drive Thru Window

And now, as promised, here is the press release they provided that lays out the specifics of this international contest, including a list of the distinguished judges.


So, there you have it. And, I’m glad to say that at least one of the photos above was taken in Italy! More from Italy coming soon.

Ciao for now,