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For All Print Types

Aspect Ratios: Please understand that the height-to-width ratios vary based on your selected print size, and some print sizes may create the need for slight cropping – so your finished print may vary slightly from what you see on your computer screen. But rest assured, I will not let cropping needs affect the quality of your beautiful fine-art Italy print. 

This illustration demonstrates how the aspect ratio of your selected print size might affect how much of your photo will be printed.”

Square: I have a passion for square prints!  If you share that passion and dream about one of my photos in a square format that isn’t displayed, let me know and we will work together to fulfill your square-Italy dreams.

Black & White: They say we don’t dream in color, but in black and white.  I have chosen to produce many of the photos you see in my galleries in black and white, but nearly any of the color photos can be produced as a black and white print.  If you want a particular photo printed in black and white that isn’t displayed that way in my gallery, just let me know.

Digital ‘Paintings’: You will see in each gallery an example of digital ‘painting’.  I have always appreciated the painting arts, but I am not adept at handling all of those gooey tubes of paints, and cleaning up the mess is daunting.  With digital painting, I am able to use various ‘brushes’ and techniques to provide you a realistic ‘painting’ from my own photos.  These digital ‘paintings’ look great when produced on stretched canvas. If you would like to see how a particular photo looks when produced as a digital ‘painting’, just let me know and I’ll send you a digital proof at  no cost.