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The Results are in -- Part 10

Just released and on your newsstand today!

If you visit your local Barnes & Noble, you will find the pictured Black & White magazine dubbed 'Special Issue 2016 Contest Winners'. If you turn to page 102, you will find the two-page spread of my photos. This contest is for 'portfolios' of like-subject photos. Five photos were selected to receive this Merit Award.

As often occurs, the photos selected were not ones that were taken in Italy. Might I need to go back to Italy to gather fresh material? I think so.

The selected portfolio of photos were taken in New Orleans. They are a part of a gallery that I title 'The Gritty City' on my non-Italy website at Steve Burkett Photography

Here are the photos that were selected for recognition.

This first photo is oh, so typical of abandoned buildings in the French Quarter as one gets a bit off of Bourbon Street. I think the redeeming feature is the heart. 

Entrances #8

Here is one of the many mail boxes you find in the Quarter. And yes, this one is still operational.

Entrances #4

And here are a couple more that I didn't submit...

You wouldn't believe the layout of pipes and wires in this city! My subtitle for this one is 'Searching for Code Violations'. Don't you just love the electrical connection wrapped in plastic? I'm thinking that a couple of wraps of duct tape might bring it up to code. Are there no building codes there?

The Gritty City #3

Want to see more? Well here it is...

I took a number of 'slurred' photos whilst roaming New Orleans. By 'slurred' I mean that I held the shutter open for a second or two to...well, to slur the photo. This photo is of the neon sign for Gumbo Ya Ya.

The Gritty City #11

You might like this color version...I certainly like it better. It was the vibrant colors that attracted me to the sign in the first place.


The final winner is one of my favorites. Let's say you are going to visit your friends Veronica and Sam. You know for a fact that they live in this building, so go ahead and ring their bell. Maybe it's the more modern ringer on the top row? This is not an abandoned building folks.

At least your chances are 1 of 2 and 1 of 3 for these two entrances.


But you know what? When all is said and done, I love this city. I mean, besides the fact that man was not meant to live ten feet below sea level, it's a fabulous place. The food is fabulous. The houses in the Quarter and Garden District are fabulous. The river, the boats, the history, all make it a fabulous place to visit.  Even the cemeteries are a great place to hang out. 

The whole atmosphere is a bit out there. Well, maybe a bit more than just a least he could have shaved his legs.


Next week it we'll be back to Italy, which is a long, long way from The Gritty City

Ciao for now,