This website is about you...it's not about me, but what I can do for you!

Yes, this website is about YOU!

This site is about you and your photographic needs, as a lover of Italy.

In my view, there are two kinds of people:  those who have been to Italy and love it; and those who have not yet been to Italy.  I know that you dream of Italy and its many charms – my goal is to provide you with a fine-art photographic memento of your dreams of Italy

20% of all photos ever taken were taken in the last two years. And most of those were with a cell-phone camera! How many do you think were displayed on the walls of the taker? Few, I would venture.

If you have visited Italy, I suspect that you have taken lots of photos, most often with your point-and-shoot or cell-phone camera.  But when you return from your trip, are you always satisfied with the photos that you took?

Do you find: 
• You are typically disappointed with your photos
• Your photos don't capture the feelings of the moment
• The photos look ‘muddy’…they lack color, vibrancy and depth
• At the time, you didn't notice 'things' --  the countless power and telephone lines, modern conduits attached to ancient walls, the ubiquitous television antennae – that’s just not the way we remember our romantic Italy!
• You just were not there at the right time…it was raining...it was too crowded with other Italy lovers
• You had camera problems - the battery went dead or your storage card filled up at just the wrong time
• During your gondola ride, you were focusing on the precious moments with your loved ones, rather than focusing your camera
• You might put your photo in your scrapbook, but you wouldn't put it on the wall…it’s a snapshot, but it's not a work of art...you wouldn't waste your time on a frame
• You found that you were being in those Italian moments rather than being a photographer…which is an outstanding thing…something for which you are to be congratulated!

And if you have not yet been to Italy, I’m guessing that you have experienced many of these same problems with your other vacation photos.

Overcoming those problems for you is what drives my passion.

What I do for you

You will notice a common theme among my photos of Italy: I strive to show a timeless Italy – an Italy of the past. You will see few people or automobiles in my photos – this is intentional.  

In particular, for photos of structures, like in Venice for instance, I spend hours removing electrical conduits on the side of buildings, removing mail slots and locks on doors, etc.!  All to show you an ancient Italy – unchanged for over one-thousand years. 

Long before the photos were added to my website, I spent a great deal of time planning those photos.  I got up early…I stayed up late…I did what was necessary to capture the most magical moments in Italy. I set up my tripod and spent time taking the perfect picture to capture the place, the light, the moment.  

Back home, I often spend hours on a single image before I am convinced that I have created a photograph worthy of your consideration.


But, I am a person, of course

Hello, my name is Steve Burkett and I am your internationally recognized Italy photographer.

At my home in Centennial, Colorado, I have a wife and a couple of dogs.  But, there are kids and grandkids spread around the country...all of whom help to keep me grounded and not always traipsing around Italy on your behalf.

All my life, I’ve tried to strike a balance between art, science and travel.  Until recently, art has just been a passion, outweighed by my engineering profession. But now, I devote all my time to my photographic art…that is, when I'm not planning my next trip.  

Whether it’s planning a photographic expedition to Italy or a trip to see the kids, I absolutely love the planning process.  Every map and every guidebook gives me a sense of voyeuristic travel.  I've been places that I will never be!  So, like you, I also have my Italian dreams.


I do occasionally go to places other than Italy…grudgingly.  You can see photography from these other places at my non-Italy website, Steve Burkett Photography


My camera is a Nikon D810 – its 36 megapixels, paired with the best Nikkor lenses, gives me a digital image with a lot of room to work.  Capturing images in RAW rather than the JPEG format also gives me much more latitude when processing my images into beautiful photographs -- just as I envisioned them.. 
My printer is the most advanced printer available.  The Epson 7900 allows me to print images up to 24 inches on the shortest side.  Paired with Epson papers and their high dynamic range inks, I have the state-of-the-art combination to unlock color, saturation and luminosity. 


I have not yet been to all the places in Italy, but I am working on it!  So, check back occasionally to see what’s new. The best way to stay abreast of our shared Italian passions is to follow me on my various social-media outlets.

I encourage you to check out my blog posts as they are developed to read more about Italy, photography, how-I-do-it, great places to eat and share wine, and wonderful hotels to refresh your soul.

Keep up with my work on my Facebook site.  See what’s happening next through Twitter.  And since you are an Italy dreamer, visit my Pinterest site where I keep up with all things Italian – travel, food, wine, the best restaurants and places to stay, places to visit, and more.


Please see the Recognition tab for examples of my works that have been selected for international photo competitions, magazine publication, and gallery showings.