Tile Backsplash

A description of the prints on durable, heat resistant ceramic tiles that are available from the Italy Our Italy website. 

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Would you like a photo printed onto hard-surfaced ceramic tiles for use as a mural or a backsplash in your beautiful kitchen or any other room of your house?  I can do that!  Through some sort of magic, these tiles are fired with one of my Italy photos imprinted into the tile itself – they are not merely stuck to the surface, but have a durable glass coating. 

Because these tiles can stand the heat, they can stay in the kitchen. And as an added bonus, they are easy to just wipe clean...and the baked in color will last a lifetime.  

This tile backsplash mockup uses one of my Venice canal photographs.

Find this photo in the  Venice: Water  store

Find this photo in the Venice: Water store

This backsplash is in my own kitchen, using a photo taken from the ramparts of Castello Brolio, in Tuscany.

Find this photo in the  Tuscany  store

Find this photo in the Tuscany store

These tiles are a special order that takes longer than producing prints.  So, if you are planning a kitchen backsplash or tile-mural project, plan ahead.  Want more information, just write.