A description of the prints available using the CollageWall mounting system that is available from the Italy Our Italy website. 

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Dream Easier!

I am really excited about the CollageWall® system that is available for your Italy photos. With over 60 templates from which to choose, creating collages of 2 to 16 photos, we can work together to create a dreamy masterpiece.  

These photos can be found in the  Venice: Color  gallery

These photos can be found in the Venice: Color gallery

The beauty of the CollageWall® is its effortless mounting.   

This photo can be found in the  Rome  gallery.

This photo can be found in the Rome gallery.

Hanging photos is quick and easy using the included template and special push pins.  Just tape up the template, insert the pins according to the template, remove the template, and then effortlessly hang your photos using this innovative system.

The prints standout about ¼”, so they seemingly float off the wall. And since separate framing is not required, the CollageWall® system is economical. 

Choose from Photographic Prints or Metal Prints

Prints on Photo Paper You have a choice of a Lustre, Glossy, or Metallic Surface, mounted on black-edged 2mm masonite. An optional Lustre or Glossy Coating can be added to help protect the surfaces of the prints.

Metal Prints Infused on Aluminum For an incredibly vibrant print with exceptional detail. Available with a Satin, Glossy, Sheer-Matte, or Sheer-Glossy Surface and Rounded Corners.


Because of the multitude of possibilities, your CollageWall® is not available to order directly from the online store. 

To inquire about putting together a group of metal photos as a CollageWall®, please use the contact form, listing the photos that you would envision using in your grouping, and I will get back to you via email with several appropriate grouping options and prices.

As an illustration of cost and options, a CollageWall®  of 3’ x 1½’  costs $250 – regardless of whether you use 3, 4, 6, 7 or 8 images.  Other options range from CollageWall® areas of 1½’ x 1’, all the way up to 4½’ x 2’.  For larger areas, several CollageWall®   options can be combined.

And, if you are interested in a CollageWall® using one photo that is split between several metal CollageWall® prints, I can do that, too!


CollageWall® Template Examples