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The Results Are In -- Part 14

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While I was away for a bit, I am pleased to say that recognition of my photography once again came my way. This particular recognition came from the Vermont PhotoPlace Gallery. The gallery is located in the oldest remaining residence in Middlebury, Vermont. It was built in 1799 as a residence for the foreman of the water mill on Otter Creek. I haven’t been there, but it’s said to be a beautiful structure, with sagging, hand-hewn beams of lumber from local virgin forest of yesteryear.

I received word that one of my photos was selected for the juried show of July, 2018 — a show simply titled, “Black & White 2018”. Each year this gallery departs from a specific monthly theme to display black and white photos that they feel merit exhibition.

Here is the photo that was selected for the exhibition. I have titled this photo, “Sunset Gospel” — a play on the fact that the sun has set on this particular old church.

Sunset Gospel

I am always pleased when one of my personal favorite photos is selected for framing and exhibition, and this one is one of my favorites. i was doubly pleased (is that possible?) that my photo was selected for two other honors for the exhibition: it was blown up to 36” x 54” for the large banner advertising the upcoming showing; and it was the featured photo on their website’s banner, shown below.


The story of how the photo came about is typical of my photo journeys through the southwest. I am drawn to the communities that have begun to fade away, or have already done so. There were hopes and dreams involved with each structure I find abandoned. Someone selected a paint color, cooked in a kitchen that they organized, worked in a shop, preached at a pulpit, taught in front of a blackboard, served up a chicken-fried steak that probably covered the plate. So many busted dreams and broken hearts. But I hope along the way there were times of love, snuggling, happiness, warmth, success and fulfillment.

I came upon this structure in Grenville, New Mexico, just before sunset. Grenville is located between Clayton and Raton. Though I have traveled this road often, I had not noticed this small community sitting just off the highway. According to census figures, the population of Grenville in 2000 was 25 souls. Here is a photo of Grenville as it sits today. The red rectangle defines the building depicted in Sunset Gospel.

Here is the main entrance from the highway to the Village of Grenville.

Though not going strong, I’m guessing that Grenville is not at all down and out. A welcome sign, some concrete sidewalk, a picnic table with a tiny bit of afternoon shade, and a community center complete with a piano, are testament to community pride. I’m guessing that those who live here enjoy their community. I’m optimistic that their hopes and dreams are being realized each day while hundreds pass by without even noticing the place they call home — which is probably the way they like it.

Sorry for the departure from things Italian! We’ll get back to Italy next time.

Ciao for now,


The Results Are In - Part 8

I received a recent award notification for The 8th International Color Awards. This is another of those big competitions that have entrants from over 80 countries and have over 8,000 photos submitted. 

Several of my photos were nominated for further judging, and as a result, two were recognized as Honorable Mentions by the jury.

I have to admit that only 4 of the 12 photos in recognition were taken in Italy, the rest were taken here in the USA and Iceland. Here are the photos -- just click on a photo for a larger view.

Honorable Mentions

Abstract Category

This first photo is called 'Bourbon Street R & R'. The photo style is what I call a 'slurred' photo. I used a very slow shutter speed to allow movement of the subject. I have had a lot of fun with this process. The photo, 'Pink House Slurred' below was taken with the same process. You can see many other of these slurred photos on my non-Italy website here

Bourbon Street R & R

Fine Art Category

If you are a regular reader of my articles, you have seen 'Busy Day on the Grand Canal' before...and, here it is again. This photo was created using over 80 photos taken in about one hour from the Rialto Bridge in Venice. Be sure to check out that couple in the boat at the bottom-center of the photo.

Busy Day on the Grand Canal


Abstract Category

'Pink House Slurred' is one of the slurred photos mentioned above. It was taken in the Texas panhandle from a moving vehicle at 73mph...this according to the Texas State Trooper. 

Pink House Slurred

Architecture Category

The photo of the abandoned church, aptly titled 'Abandoned Church' (catchy, huh?), was taken in northern New Mexico in the small (very small) town of Grenville. 

Abandoned Church

This next photo was taken during a serendipitous lunar-puddle moment in Iceland after a long day of driving The Highlands. It was captured during sunset, which in Iceland literally lasts about 3 hours in the summer. I call this 'Icelandic Barn at Sunset'...I know, I know...another catchy title.

Icelandic Barn at Sunset'

Fine Art Category

The photo called 'Just Around the Corner' was taken on the island of Burano, in the Venetian lagoon. I liked the way the sunlight was hitting the orange-painted plaster of one of the many colorful homes of Burano. 

Just Around the Corner

Nature Category

Back to Iceland and the outlet of the Jokulsarlon Lagoon for 'Blue Ice, Black Sand'. This is where icebergs are washed out to sea, only to be washed ashore to die a cold, dripping death. There are more Iceland photos here

Blue Ice, Black Sand

This photo is titled 'Church Rock' because that is what it's called, when translated from Icelandic.  It is another photo taken in Iceland during one of those super-long sunsets. And yes, the mountainside is truly that green.

Church Rock

'Evening Seastacks' was captured late one afternoon at Second Beach on the Washington coast on the Olympic Peninsula. 

Evening Seastacks

In the extreme north of Arizona, on the Navajo Reservation, you will find the magnificent Antelope Canyon, this being the northern portion of that canyon. The very deep sandstone canyon has been cut over the centuries and I was able to capture it looking straight up with 'Just a Chance of Clouds'. 

Just a Chance of Clouds

People Category

In 'Sunday Morning Paper' we see a stylish Roman gentleman reading his morning paper in Campo Trevi, which is home to the famous Trevi Fountain. 

Sunday Morning Paper

Still Life Category

I call this photo 'A Very Still Life', because that is exactly what I saw when I came across it on the island of Burano. 

A Very Still Life


Well, that's it. Some of these photos you have seen before in the other articles with titles beginning with 'The Results Are In...'  I'll keep you up to date as I hear about other results coming in. 

Ciao for now,