Photos of Steve Burkett Photogrphy

Bruce & Julia Brown Get Married - 2013: Photos of Bruce and Julia getting married, along with the bachelor weekend.

Yosemite and Beyond - 2018: Steve's gifted trip from Ellen to cruise the west, photographing along the way

Kennedy's 30th Anniversary Trip to Napa - October 2017: The Kennedys and the Burketts travel by train to Napa and Yosemite Valley.

The Desert Southwest - May 2017:  Ellen, Dale & Steve travel to Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon & The Valley of Fire

The Netherlands - 2015: Nell, Leslie, Ellen & Steve spend a week amongt the tulips

Red River July 4th Week, 2017: The Burkett clan enjoys the mountains of New Mexico

Red River, The Boulders & Chaco Canyon, 2017:  Mike and Steve help to build out the basement of The Outpost, and then continue to The Boulders with Judy and Ellen; Mike and Steve return through Chaco Canyon in western New Mexico.

New Orleans, Jan 2017: Leslie and Craig join the Burketts in Nalins!

United Kingdom, 2017: Ellen and Steve travel through England, and then are joined by Dale and Ben for Scotland and Ireland

Seattle, 2016:  Tami and Jim Dunne join us in Seattle for a fun time

The Valley of Fire: The Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada over several trips

The Slough: A slough near Wiscasett, Maine

Red River, May 2016: A Memorial Day Weekend trip with the Ponfords