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Eat Here: Terrazza Danieli

For food with a view, this one can't be beat!

The view from this rooftop, terrace restaurant is exquisite

The view from the Terrazza Danieli

The Terrazza at the Hotel Danieli is one of the places we always visit when in Venice. We have mostly dined here for lunch, but have worked in a Sunday brunch, and even a dinner on a perfect evening. 

The Terrazza (terrace) sits on the 6th floor, above the Hotel Danieli. The hotel itself is one of those fabulous 5-star hotels that we don't tend to stay in, unless in the off season. Want to see more of the hotel? Watch the movies 'Blame it on the Bellboy', 'The Tourist', or 'Casino Royale' to see more. 

Besides the food, the great thing about the Terrazza is the view, as seen at right.


Here we see our friend, Debbie, entering the Danieli on the way to Sunday brunch. As you can see, the inside is a bit fancy. 

The view from this rooftop, terrace restaurant is exquisite. You look out at the Bacino San Marco (St Mark's Basin), where the Grand Canal, Giudecca Canal and the lagoon all converge. 

As you look down over the parapet, there are people everywhere. But where you sit on this rooftop terrace is all peace and quiet. Lovely.

Boats are everywhere in the Bacino San Marco. As seen from Terrazza, here is a gondola, with a couple enjoying a mid-day ride.


The Terrazza is just moments away from the Piazza San Marco.

Here from Terrazza, you see the top of the Piazza's 323-foot campanile, topped by the Archangel Gabriel. 


Time for Sunday Brunch

Today it's Sunday brunch at the Terrazza with Debbie and Scott.

Here are a few photos of our brunch layout.

You can tell by the smiles that we had an enjoyable brunch!


Time for Dinner

And now it's time for dinner. As you can see in this evening photo, the terrace is magically situated. 

Here are a couple of evening views. First, San Giorgio Maggiore as it sits on its own island, and then the Dogana with its beautifully-domed Santa Maria della Salute.

San Giorio Maggiore

The Dogana and Santa Maria della Salute

The food at the Terrazza is as good as the view...and a view in itself.

One of our friendly waitstaff

Not all restaurants can satisfy my need for a Diet Coke (called Coca-Cola Lite in Europe), but our friend here at Terrazza came through.


Here Elizabete presents our fish before de-boning and serving. There was nary a bone. 

As is typical of many Italian restaurants, the staff is friendly and super accommodating. 


In closing, here are two very happy customers of the Terrazza at the Danieli. It was a perfect evening, with perfect food, a perfect setting, and a perfect companion. 

I wish you good eating!


Ciao for now,