This is the blog of Steve Burkett of Italy, Our Italy

Steve's First Blog Post

Welcome to my first blog post at Italy, Our Italy!

I'm really glad you are here, and I hope that you will want to come back often to see and read about all-things Italy. My goal is to start a discussion with you each week.



Of course, in these Italy, Our Italy blog posts, I will be covering topics related to photographing Italy; however, there will be much more, too.  My wife and I will be discussing places, lifestyle, food, wine, travel, and our own Italy experiences -- we've gotten lost, only to be found in some of the most amazing places! 




As the name implies, this is not about 'my' Italy, but 'our' Italy.  As such, I expect your participation where you feel drawn to jump in to relate your own experiences, to correct my errors, or just to sing the praises of our Italy.



And, when I am on the topic of photographing Italy, I will let you in on secrets involving the scouting of locations, capturing the image in-camera, and then the processing of my images.  You will see that some images are the result of planning, some are the result of serendipity, while some are created out of parts gathered there and here. I hope that seeing behind the curtain will help you to enjoy the photos more than ever.