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Learning to Cook Italian

Who doesn’t love Italian food?! Not many of you, I’m sure. It’s become one of our favorite comfort foods: think of a fettuccine pasta with a Bolognese sauce on a cold winter day. Or a four-cheese ravioli with a brown-butter-sage sauce almost anytime.  Buon appetito!

We spent a few fun hours learning techniques for preparing some typical Italian dishes from two experts — Patrizia and Mama at Per Tutti I Gusti.  The ‘we’ I refer to were in-laws Leslie and Craig, wife Ellen, and me. And let’s not forget new friends — newlyweds Lihi & Ido, Barbara & Jim, and Linda & Kevin. The twelve of us had plenty of room to move around Patrizia’s well-appointed working kitchen. Enough talk – let’s get started!


Per Tutti I Gusti is located on the spine of one of the many Piemonte piemonte (that would be ‘foothills’, which is why this region of Italy is called ‘Piemonte’) about 4 twisty-turny miles above and northeast of the town of Alba. As you can see on the aerial view, agriculture is king here, with vineyards and orchards along both sides of the road. And oh, be sure to slow down on that hairpin curve!

But enough talk…let’s cook!


OK, I need to talk just a tad bit more. This article will be relying on a great new program from Adobe that is free for all to use. It is called Adobe Spark. It allows you to create web pages with very little effort, whether you are using your computer, smart phone or iPad-like device. It is as simple as dragging-and-dropping your photos into Spark and then adding captions if you want. It’s as easy as scrolling to view your newly-created web page.

So, I now direct you to a Spark page that I created to show you our most excellent cooking adventure. Just click the button and then scroll away.

Want to create your own Spark page? See how here at Spark.

Finally, here are a few photos of two of my grandkids helping me to make pasta at home, now that we know how to do so, thanks to Per Tutti I Gusti. We are using my new, fully electric ‘Imperia Restaurant’ pasta sheeter with cutter attachment.

Are you planning to go to Italy? (If not, why the heck not?!) I would strongly suggest that you work Piemonte into your plans. And after doing that, go ahead and work in a few hours of cooking instruction at: Per Tutti I Gusti

I hope you enjoyed making an Italian lunch with us! Until next time buon appetito, and…

Ciao for now,