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Blatant Marketing

Yes, that's's article concerns a new product that is available on my website. This product is a Note Card...but not just any note card!

'Luxe' Note Cards

These are not your Mother's Note Cards! They are super thick, are crafted of the finest materials, they have a luxurious texture, and there is a colored core that will call special attention to your notes of thanks, greetings, or family updates. 

Consider these features...

Luxe Note Cards are created with award winning Mohawk Superfine paper. Tactile and beautiful – what better way to show your artistic taste as you share your thoughts?


Using a patented Quadplex technology, the layers of this unique paper are compressed to create an impressively thick, rigid, unforgettable Note Card.


Choose from Black, Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Orange, Pink or Green for the eye-catching seam of color that runs through the centre of Luxe paper stock. Only one color per order, please.


So, what can be put on these Note Cards?

  • I can create an order for you using one or several of my photos. 
  • Mix or match, it's your decision as to how many of any particular image that you would like included in your order.  In other words, all Note Cards can be different, the same, or any combination you would like.
  • And after reading your beautifully crafted note, the recipient can frame their Luxe Note Card, as there is no logo on the front of the card to detract from its beauty. And, if you wish, I will even sign the bottom-right of each card.
  • Yes, your ultra-nice Note Cards come with envelopes!

'Standard' Note Cards

Want a more economical, traditional Note Card? No problem!

These Standard Note Cards are on heavy paper chosen for its great print quality and luxurious thick feel. Note that they do not have that snazzy color stripe embedded in the paper stock, as you would get with the Luxe Note Cards.

With these Standard Note Cards, you get to choose either a gloss or matter surface for your Note Cards.

How to Order

To order Note Cards, just go to my website to the 'Print Info' link and there, among the different types of photo availability, you will find 'Note Cards'. Here is a direct link to Note Card ordering information page, which includes pricing and ordering instructions.


Sorry about today's blatant advertising, but I just had to let you know about this new product line that I've created. I'll get back more 'normal' articles next week.

Ciao for now,