Part 2: Scotland & Ireland

Part 2: Scotland & the Irelands

Photos from a trip to England, Scotland, Northern Ireland & Ireland in the fall of 2016.

This gallery has photos from Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Ireland. We start with images of the ruins of the Border Abbeys before moving on to the Royal Braemar Highland Games, held in the Scottish Highlands...where you will see the entrance of Queen Elizabeth II. These Highland Games are like a three-ring circus! From there you will see just a smidgen of Edinburgh before we head to castles and more Scottish Highlands and then the beautiful Isle of Skye. Scotland ends with a castle before the ferry ride to Northern Ireland, where the Dark Hedges and Giant's Causeway await. Ireland features the Cliffs of Moher and surrounding area before the final images in Dublin...finishing with tea at the Hotel Shelbourne. 

My suggestion for viewing the photos: Click on the first thumbnail image and then use the ">" (arrow at the right of your screen), or the right and left arrows on your keyboard, to work your way through the photos. Enjoy!