Il Fornaio Project

Il Fornaio Photo Project

  • 03/27/17 - Six photos added showing black & white versions of Il Fornaio Bakery photo
  • 03/27/17 - Eight photos added showing black & white versions of the Villa Cimbrone Statue photo.

Here are photos for your consideration for our photo project.

Though I had been focusing on general photos of Italy, after the discussion with you and Frank on Wednesday night, I have added photos of a food and wine nature.

All photos were taken in Italy! The photos of the woman making pasta are at the Osteria da Fortunata in Rome. You will see numerous wine 'toasts' (we try to capture them all) from various restaurants and wineries, especially Banfi. And there are sixteen photos from the San Felice winery and hotel (which your predesesor Hector Galice recommended to us). Food shots are from all over. Lake Como and Bellagio are featured in several photos. I included a few from the Amalfi Coast. I am sure that there are more photos than you wanted to see, but hey, pixels are cheap.

Please understand that any photos that you see in color can be converted easily to black and white, and versa vice. You will notice a couple of photos with a sepia tone as a demonstration of that toning...I can produce any photos in a sepia tone, also, should you desire that.

Regarding the 'shape' of the photo, or its aspect ratio:

  • I feel that a square, or nearly square photo would be best for the two spots you have picked out. So, you will see many photos in a square format, with many others in a 4x5 aspect ratio, either in a vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • Most all of the photos have been cropped a good bit, which leaves me room to adjust the cropping from horizontal to vertical, and versa vice...and anything you see in a square format can be adjusted to another aspect ratio, also.
  • Any panoramic photos have usually been cropped and can be made into a more squarish format.
  • Pretty much 'the sky's the limit' as far as sizing/orientation goes.

Let me know your thoughts by phone (303-888-5012) or email ( after you have looked through the photos I have included below. And, if there are any photos that you have seen on my website that you don't see below, but would like to, please let me know.

Oh, by the way...that's me in the first photo!


Regarding viewing of the photos: I would suggest clicking on the first thumbnail, and then advancing the photos either using the arrow keys on your keyboard [ --> and <-- ], or by clicking on the arrow-icon [ < or > ] at the right or left of your screen